About us

In 1987, our industry was established in Taiwan. We first started manufacturing girth for our German clients and we did the horse boots afterward, and because of Taiwan has high reputation of material, we had cooperated halter factory as well, through decades of constant effort, persisting in producing top quality goods, we have developed various aspects of equestrian products for our clients, over 1000 items and exported them to mainly Europe countries, more than 30 countries around the world, due to our steady production capacity and good credit, we have many long-term business partners, highly appreciated them for choosing JD square as their supplier. If you are starting an equestrian business, JD square would be your strongest support.

Patent–Spring Buckle of English Girth

in march of 2008, We invented an ideally, perfectly fitted mental kit of our girth, we put springs in the bottom of girth buckle, it offers automatic function for rider to equip their horse faster and easier, this spring buckle gives rider a brand-new experience to girth their horse. This is our highly praise and officially patent we have got in 2008, and we still working on inventing different types of spring buckle till now.

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